Look at this total bullshit

The name's Zombie. I like weird shit. Mind the legos.

i forgot to put in pizzas several times tonight, mom yelled at me because i apparently voided something wrong so my drawer was 28 dollars short, and on top of all that i got a piece of steel wool stuck in my finger and i cant get it out

my night was just fucking lovely and i totally dont feel like an incompetent piece of shit right now :’)

i just got home from the store and now i have to go to wooooork T_T


Ok the first quote is paraphrased cause I kind of forgot it but trust me it sounded pretty badass and was around those lines and also I shit you not he actually fucking says this


Cold and ruthless yet secretly man child Zant is completely canon and always has been


♡♡queen zelda♡♡


Got bored so I made some zant flower crown icons ;v;